Star Wars Destiny Regional 2018

Am Samstag fand in Salzburg das Star Wars Destiny Regional statt. Ganz kurz zusammengefasst: Ich zog mit 5-0 Siegen nach den Swiss rounds ins Top 4 Finale ein, wo ich dann leider im Semifinale ausschied. Detaillierte Deck- und Spielbeschreibungen gibt es unten oder HIER (auf englisch, um es nicht doppelt schreiben zu müssen). Trotzdem bin ich mit dem Ergebnis aus teilweise wirklich nervenzermürbenden Spielen (gegen sehr angenehme Gegner!) zufrieden. Ich ergatterte folgenden Loot:


Ich verwendete mein feingetunetes eSabineYoda Deck:

2x Sabine Wren, Explosives Expert (Empire at War #40)
1x Yoda, Wizened Master (Legacies #33)
Outer Rim Outpost, Nal Hutta (Legacies #178)
2x Running Interference (Empire at War #115)
2x Maz’s Vault (Legacies #122)
2x DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol (Awakenings #51)
1x Holdout Blaster (Awakenings #63)
2x Second Chance (Awakenings #137)
2x Force Speed (Spirit of Rebellion #55)
2x Force Illusion (Spirit of Rebellion #135)
2x X-8 Night Sniper (Empire at War #55)
2x Hidden Blaster (Legacies #72)
2x Hyperspace Jump (Awakenings #129)
1x Loth-Cat and Mouse (Spirit of Rebellion #114)
2x Never Tell Me The Odds (Spirit of Rebellion #115)
2x Truce (Empire at War #142)
1x Concentrate (Two-Player Game #38)
2x Easy Pickings (Legacies #117)
2x Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder (Legacies #120)
1x Vandalize (Legacies #156)

Pretty standard Sabine Wren – Explosives Expert Yoda – Wizened Master deck. Last minute includes were 2 Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder. It is always useful and very powerful. Many decks have have some cards that create auto wins (this one for example).

Round 1: Mirror agains elite Sabine Wren – Explosives Expert Yoda – Wizened Master. I got out 2 Running Interference in round 1. For two rounds we dealt some damage to each other. My opponent managed to save Sabine Wren – Explosives Expert using Impersonate and my Sabine Wren – Explosives Expert was bleeding heavily. In round 3 my machine was unstoppable. Using Running Interference, Never Tell Me The Odds and Hyperspace Jump he just had no chance.

Round 2: eliete Luke Skywalker – Jedi Knight Rey – Force Prodigy Pretty outdated Deck, inexperienced opponent. Not much to say about the game.

Round 3: elite Hondo Ohnaka – Respected Businessman elite Yoda – Wizened Master With pretty reasonable income, Hondo Ohnaka – Respected Businessman is not that much of a deal. Easy Pickings also helps. But it also makes my game much slower and gives my opponent the money for upgrading heavily. So it was a slow start, but once I got the money (and Running Interference out), I was able to combo to victory.

Round 4: elite Yoda – Wizened Master elite Saw Gerrera – Extremist Leader Fortunately sombody told me the concept of this build before the game: Special chaining to deal lots of damage from Saws ability. So the first thing I did in the game was eliminating a Force Speed using Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder. It was a really tight game for about 4 rounds until finally my Running Interference / Hyperspace Jump combo kicked in again and I managed to win.

Round 5: elite Boba Fett – Deadly Mercenary elite Seventh Sister – Agile Inquisitor (Tournament winner) My opponent put Ancient Lightsaber and Vibroknife on Boba. Using (I think) a Force Speed and Concentrate I one-shot Boba Fett – Deadly Mercenary in round 3. Seventh Sister – Agile Inquisitor with no upgrade didn’t last much longer.

So I made it with 5-0 to the cut.

Semifinals: elite Hondo Ohnaka – Respected Businessman elite Poe Dameron – More Than A Pilot Round 1: Had a good draw (Force Speed, Running Interference, DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol and Truce). I focused first on Poe Dameron – More Than A Pilot and was able to finish it rather quickly.

Round 2: Had a terrible draw. I also forgot to take my two shields as second player. I don’t remember too much of this game other then I lost rather quickly.

Round 3: This game was a thriller. My opponent used Vandalize on both of my Running Interference. I used it to get rid of Fast Hands. He got 3 shields on Poe Dameron – More Than A Pilot so I decided to go for Hondo Ohnaka – Respected Businessman first. I got him down to 4 hit points and had the chance to kill him. But I hesitated because I needed a good roll for that and wanted to make sure with Force Speed and Never Tell Me The Odds. That was a mistake, because that gave my oppenent enough time to play Second Chance. I managed to kill Hondo Ohnaka – Respected Businessman shortly after but these 5 more damage cost a lot of time. In the meantime Poe Dameron – More Than A Pilot was fully geared up. I again wanted to use my full potential and I didn’t see All In coming (second bad mistake, I knew it was in his deck) which killed Sabine Wren – Explosives Expert before she could deal damage. Yoda – Wizened Master alone was not able to defeat a fully armed Poe Dameron – More Than A Pilot which marked the end of the tournament for me. This was a really tense game and a lot of fun!

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