Star Wars – Rebellion

It is a period of civil war. The glorious Empire has loyal armies in Mustafar, Sullust and Mygeeto. Corellia and Mandalore will soon also fight for the good cause. Rebel troops have been spotted on Kashyyyk, Naboo and Ryloth. It is only a matter of time until the hidden Rebel base is found, destroyed and peace will be restored in the galaxy …

2016-07-08_StarWarsRebellion_001The Rebels flee from Naboo to Utapau shortly before Imperial troops land and re-pacify the planet. The Death Star heads to Kashyyyk to confront and capture General Dodonna.

2016-07-08_StarWarsRebellion_002The foolish Rebel officer can easily be tricked to point the Imperial fleets to the region of the Rebel base. After being released through a fake rescue mission, he flees back to Geonosis only days before a large Imperial army arrives.

2016-07-08_StarWarsRebellion_003The base can only be on Tatooine or Rhodia, only a short trip away from the fleet destined to destroy the Rebels once and for all.

This is when a fleet of Rebels arrive at Geonosis. This foolish attempt was quickly finished, though it bought the traitors enough time to flee from their base on Tatooine and set up a new base.

2016-07-08_StarWarsRebellion_004This is an unfortunate setback. In order to speed up the war, the Empire sought the help of the famous bounty hunter Boba Fett. Soon after hiring, he captures Leia Organa on Nal Hutta and brings her straight back to Kashyyyk where Darth Vader already waits to freeze her in carbonite.

Only a short time later, an aged Obi Wan Kenobi arrives on the Death Star looking to rescue the high ranking Rebel officer. The old Jedi gets confronted and killed by the dark lord. Organa manages to escape though. The Rebellion is turning from a minor nuisance into a real threat!

2016-07-08_StarWarsRebellion_005If they want an open war, they can have it. Empire fleets spread out through the universe, subjugating more and more systems, accompanied by regular battles.

2016-07-08_StarWarsRebellion_0072016-07-08_StarWarsRebellion_006 2016-07-08_StarWarsRebellion_008In the orbit of Dagobah, the construction of a second Death Star is commenced. Only shortly before finishing the construction, a single X-Wing Fighter destroys the space station. What an impressive display of incompetence!

2016-07-08_StarWarsRebellion_009 2016-07-08_StarWarsRebellion_010The Rebels gain the trust of more and more systems. Time is running out. But at the same time, the net of Imperial probe droids and spies tightens. In fact there are only two planets left, where the Rebels can be hiding: Utapau and Endor.

2016-07-08_StarWarsRebellion_011A small fleet checks out Utapau. No Rebels there, all forces to Endor! There is still time. The emperor himself leads the first wave arriving on Endor. Easily he can overthrow the Rebel fleet in orbit. But the small army landing on the planet is just not able to take the fortified Rebel base.

2016-07-08_StarWarsRebellion_012 2016-07-08_StarWarsRebellion_013

Even-though Imperial reinforcements are only two systems away, this Rebel victory is the final spark that brings enough hope to the suppressed citizens to stand up against the Imperial government. The Empire has lost …

Conclusion: Star Wars – Rebellion is the newest addition to the miniature games of Fantasy Flight Games. It is an asymmetric game that is played 1 on 1 (optionally 2 on 2), where one side plays the galactic Empire and the other side the Rebel Alliance. Very simplified the Rebels select a location for their hidden base and must prevent the Empire from finding and destroying it during a variable amount of game rounds.

On the table it plays out as an 3-4 hour long struggle, where the Empire uses their superior resources and powerful fleets to search through the galaxy to destroy Rebel fleets and find the hidden base. The Rebels on the other hand user their limited resources to befriend planets and conduct vital blows to convince people of their cause (reducing the time they have to survive before winning). Both sides send famous characters on missions to help their cause, ranging from freezing Rebel leaders in carbonite to letting Yoda train characters to become a Jedi.

And the most important thing: It is awesome! It’s one of those games you sit through for hours, doing the best to win, enjoying every minute of it no matter if chance turns out in your favour or luck (e.g. a Death Star) blows up into your face.

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