William Shakespeare’s The Empire Striketh Back


HAN: Aye, laugh indeed, thou fuzzball large. But thou
Hast not seen us alone i‘ th’passage south,
Where she did unto me unspool, in full,
Her feelings true of fondest love for me.

LEIA: My feelings? O! Thou arrogant half-wit,
Thou oversizèd child, thou friend of slime,
Thou man of sruffy looks, thou who herd’st nerfs,
Thou fool-born wimpled roughhewn waste of flesh!

HAN: That scruffy? Sruffy, how? Whose scruffiness?
How am I all bescruff’d? [To Luke:] Belike my words
Were accurate and hit upon the mark,
Since now she hath her temper lost. True, Luke?

LEIA: Thus is it plain that till thou tam’st thy tongue,
No tongue of woman shalt thou comprehend.
[Lea kisses Luke at lenght, then exits]

Shakespeare meets Star Wars. Muss man dazu noch mehr sagen? Los, kaufen, jetzt!

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