There can only be one Conan!

Conan was filled with rage as he could see the enemy banners from afar. The last hours he merely sprinted forward, approaching his contrahent, the barabarian who claimed to be Conan. Only Queen Jehnna, her Guard, Bombaata and Zula could follow (the real) Conan’s pace. The opposite army was already waiting, their heavy artillery in position and their other Conan stepped forward, accompanied by his strongest regiment including his Leader Princess Nera Bombastica (as if the real Conan would serve under somebody else) and her Paymaster.

The first cannon fired and hit Bombaata right on the head. His neck broke and he fell to the ground. Zula, who stood right besides Bombaata, faced the remaining momentum of the cannon ball and broke a leg. Luckily she was riding her horse. Conan got even more furious, but he could not move because a magical flaming cage held him back. At this moment his remaining troops arrived. The battle could begin.

Without hesitation Conan’s Barbarians, led by Akiro, countercharged the enemy Conan as he charged forward. Akiro weakened the enemy magically, so that just two barbarians died. The other side took heavy losses, but remained steadfast. Another cannonball hit Zula and killed her. Her Berserkers did not hesitate a second and charged the wannabe Conans flank.

Akiro used his magic power to weaken the enemy and switch places with Conan. No it was time for the direct duell. Nobody can claim to be Conan without facing the consequences. Conan raised his sword and hit his imitator. Blood ran out his wound. Now came the counter, a heavy blow, which struck Conan off his feet and hurt him heavily. Before the next strike, Conan rolled to the side, stood up quickly and with a series of swift strikes chopped off the imposter’s head. This would settle the fight over the name.

Conan had one weak moment immediatly after killing his opponent. This moment was enough and Princess Nera stabbed Conan in the side, right into his open wound.  He slowly fell to the ground, right next to the enemy Conan’s corpse. Thus ended the epic tales of Conan the Barbarian.

Also Nera’s life endet here, as barbarians and berserkers swarmed her and teared her into tiny peaces. Without leader and more importantly without hope of gratification the rest of the enemy forces ran away.

The battle was won and Jehnna’s Queendom was defendet, but Conan was lost forever. He will not be forgotten.

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